A Warning, Disclaimer…Whatever

Alright, readers! Here’s the thing. This is my blog, my rules. The things I write here are my opinions, my thoughts, so forth and so on. I represent only myself, no one else and I mean no offense to anyone. Still, I’m going to write what I want to write, because I can. If you’re offended, disagree, or what have you- leave a comment or email me. You never know, you could change my mind. Or, you could be ignored, it’s a 50/50 chance.

Another warning, I swear a lot and randomly. Sorry.

Now! I am an opinionated girl, I’d say. I have lots of opinions on lots of things. I try to have educated opinions. This blog will go between my opinions and what I’m generally doing at any given time. Just so you know, at one point, my friends and I all developed super-hero names for each other. Mine was Random Thoughts Girl. That’s your warning, right there.

I’ve decided to do two things for now, within my normal posts. There will be “Story Time” posts, in which I tell you a story- always true- and something that’s happened to me. It’s usually something I’m reflecting on at the time. The post title will have “Story Time” as the first two words so that if you wish to skip it, you can.

The other type of post will be “A letter to…” in which the topic will be whatever replaces those ellipses. For example, A Letter to Bisexuals, in which I cover my views on bisexuality. Some of these will be appreciative, some somewhere between personal and actually to that group or even people I know, it varies. Now you know, and can skip should you so choose. If you have a topic you want me to cover, comment and I’ll post it, if I develop an opinion. I’m not doing politics. I already have a piece written to masculine of center women, gay men, bisexuals, and transsexuals. I’ll post them all.

I will also post random poems. You can assume, unless I give credit elsewhere, that I did write it. If I didn’t, there will always be credit given. I do this so randomly, they’re written all over everything in my house. Amongst those things, I wouldn’t be surprised to see bits and pieces of my craft projects floating around as I’m always doing something. I recently made paper, a journal (made the entire thing), a book safe, and several other things. Gifts, for Christmas.

Oh, and recipes. If I post it, I’ve made it and it was freaking delicious. I’m trying to brighten your plates.

Just so you know, I get ideas rather quickly. When inspiration strikes on what I want to write on my blog, it’s all at once. It’s a hundred different ideas and I sit down and type them out. I have them saved, some dated for when they’re to publish themselves that way I don’t bombard you guys with too much, too fast. That was a habit with my old blog where I’d end up posting too much and then have nothing to post for a very long time. I’m trying to fix that here. I will also repeat myself because I don’t know if you’ve read what I’ve said in earlier posts or if this is your first. Sometimes, I just forget. So, bare with me!

Have a great day!


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